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Hover Animation is Flashing

Hey Guys,

Still new to webflow and learning how to manipulate classes with the UI. Anyway, my goal is to slide a div down on hover, revealing the content underneath. I have a DIv, and another DIV covering it, I set the hover interation on the “cover” div, however, it causes a flashing when I hover. I guess it’s because the div is technically not there, but it is, I don’t know.

Can you please help me figure this out? Understanding this concept will take my design game to new level.

Live Page:


Much Appreciated,

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Welcome @only,
It’s kind of hard to understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Go to my collection and see if there’s an example similar to the end goal:

Hey @garymichael1313,

My goal is to slide the cover div down on hover, revealing the content underneath.

In my example, I added a move transform on the “cover” in the hover state, but I think I figured out how to do it using the interaction settings instead.

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