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Scroll into view interaction

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to do a super simple interaction, but can’t get it to work for some reason.

I built an example with two sections, two triggers and a fixed Blue div. I trying to have the blue div to animate in (move from right) as you scroll into the second section and have it move 100vw to the right once you scroll back into the first section.

As you’ll notice the blue block appears as you scroll into the second section but will not go away once you scroll back into the first section.

Any idea why this is? Is it just not doable in Webflow?


Here is my public share link: LINK

Here’s a solution to the problem:

Tell me if this is what you were looking for. :wink:

Thanks, no that’s not it.
I should have been more specific.

I plan to create multiple sections that have different colored divs and have them stack up on top of eachother.
So I want the blue block to scroll out only when you scroll back to up to the first section. and not when you continue to scroll down the page.

You gave me an idea though.

I grouped al the lower sections into divs, so you can’t scroll out of view if you scroll down.

While I am still trying to figure this out, can you name every different color section a different class name (and not use sub classes)?


This is how i did it:

I used div containers as triggers.

Thanks for your help!

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