Scrolling in view interactions work for mouse scroll but not browser scroll bar

Hi there,

On this site, the sections down the homepage with the angled crop on the background image, the accompanying textual content displays on the page using the ‘While scrolling in view’ interactions. It works perfectly in Webflow’s Developer preview mode but the published page seems to only work when scrolling using the mouse wheel, when using the browser scroll bar the interactions do not work most of the time (the fade in interaction does not work so the text never appears). This seems to be the same for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, all tested on Windows 10. Chrome on Macbook is fine, the scrollbar works as expected.

Does anyone have any idea as to what’s going on?

As I’ve yet to hear from Webflow I’ve disabled the fade in effect so that the text can be viewed but this is a test of the situation to see what I’m talking about.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Is there anybody from Webflow staff that can answer this please? Is it a bug?

Just to test to see if I was doing something wrong, here’s a simple setup doing what I want it to do Scroll Into View Test it’s working fine in all browsers.

Can anybody tell me why it’s not working in the above example please?


Webflow support have been in touch and the problem has been solved.
The body element had height:100%; on it. Removing that fixed this issue.

Thanks Webflow Support!


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