Scalabilty, import and export of CMS content


I love Webflow, and am loving the CMS (only done some side project experiments just now), but here are a few questions about it.
How scalable is it? For instance, if I decided to offer this to clients. If I had a client who ran news website and they needed it to scale massively - is this a viable option?
Likewise, if I had a client who already had a website with masses of content on a CMS they were unhappy with - how would we migrate it to Webflow?
Also, if as an example I had a client’s site on Webflow CMS then in 2 years time they wished to move it to something else - how would they export their content to a new solution? Could they?

Any answers to any of this would be really helpful @thesergie

Sure I can help out with some of these questions…

How scalable is it?

You can have hundreds of thousands of CMS items. There could be times where the Designer canvas might slow down if it’s trying to render all that data but we’re always working on performance improvements so that we can support sites at any scale.

how would we migrate it to Webflow?

We have CSV data import feature designed and planned for development but no ETA on actual release on that as we’re currently focusing on other improvements.

how would they export their content to a new solution? Could they?

We also have plans to export the CMS database to a CSV during export but no ETA on that release.


@thesergie, thanks for getting back to me so quickly on those questions. Really helpful and I look forward to those import / export features as would then give confidence to push Webflow at larger clients.
Keep up the great work!! :grinning:

CMS items can be exported using the API now.