Importing Content into Webflow CMS - Now Available with CSV Import

We currently have a large amount of blog posts on our SQL server, and when we transition to Webflow in the coming weeks, we would like to import all of these posts easily. Is there a way to bulk import these posts to Webflow?
If we cannot currently, will something be available in the future? If so, do you have rough estimate?

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Excited to officially release CSV import - which makes it a whole lot easier to migrate content from another platform to the Webflow CMS. For all the details, you can:

We’re looking forward to seeing what you build! Happy designing :slight_smile:


From what forum software is the data on your SQL server?
As far as i know you cannot import data from other forum software into webflow (as of now).

I really, really need this too. An import feature into collections. Even if it’s a CSV upload.


Any way to import content into CMS from a third party (Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.) via Zapier or some other awesome hack?

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At the moment no, but we have it on our roadmap.


Awesome! Do y’all have a public link to your roadmap?


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Do you have any news of the function import into the CMS? Do you already know what kind of file we will be able to use?
Would it be possible to be in live link to a file on a cloud or on the Drive?

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It would be definitely helpful to have some sort of file manager/ftp access that allows to add HTML pages to a site hosted in Webflow, even if it’s not designed in webflow. For example, I currently want to get rid of my bluehost hosting plan and transition to webflow, but for the first month or two I’d need to still keep some portions of the old site in place. Right now, I have no other option than to keep two hosting plans active, which is quite expensive. Thanks


Wow! That would be awesome. We are looking for a tool to quickly do some changes to our existing webpage just for a quick preview or for mockups (not for final product).

We haven’t been able to find the correct one yet.

  • Pagecloud is the closest option. We can import our site and the editing interface is quite flexible (e.g: Want to increase the text size? Just click on the handle and drag it until you reach the desired size). The problem: the result from site importing is usually not very good, so you need to do a lot of “reconstruction” after it.

  • A/B testing tools usually offer editing capabilities that could be used for our purpose. You just type the web page URL and the software fetches it. Usually the result after fetching is exactly the same as the web site and the editing capabilities are also very flexible. The problem: some things are very difficult to edit, specially when there are a lot of inherited CSS rules and a lot of nested tags.

  • Webflow has a very good editing interface. The problem: it doesn’t have the import / fetch tool. It would also be nice to have some “handles” in order to quickly increase the size of an element, rearrange it or move it, similar to what you can get in pagecloud (probably not exactly as flexible, because I understand that that flexibility comes with it’s own price - heavily bloated code and sometimes even a big mess - and it’s a feature that’s probably beyond the scope of webflow … however, I’m sure there’s a nice posible middle ground)

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@thesergie We are getting pretty desperate to get an import feature to get about 70 blog posts from an old website/blog hosted on Typepad into our shiny new Webflow website which we want to go live with very soon! We see import capabilities as core CMS functionality.

Typepad exports blog posts as Movable Type Import Format (MTIF) used by Typepad and Movable Type - See more at: Typepad Knowledge Base: Blog Settings: Import/Export but I an sure once exported I can transfer this into a csv format for import into Webflow.

With blog posts it would also be useful to be able to set/reset published dates into the past to reflect when they were first published on the old website. We really need this ability to at least load blog posts as a CSV upload ASAP. Thanks.

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To share with everyone, it is possible to use a Google Sheets spreadsheet to read the rss/atom feed from a blog to extract the blog posts like this (in cell A2):

=ImportFeed(A1, “items”, True, 70)

where the A1 cell contains the URL of the blog rss/atom feed e.g.

In my case I can then use ImportXML (in F3 - copy this down F col.) to pull in the main content:


and leaving space for multiple columns of output to pull in the rest of the content (using this in cell M3 - copy this down M col.):


I have the following column titles in row 2:

  • Title
  • Author
  • URL
  • Date Created
  • Summary
  • Entry-body 1
  • Entry-body 2
  • Entry-body 3
  • Entry-body 4
  • Entry-body 5
  • Entry-more 1
  • Entry-more 2
  • Entry-more 3
  • Entry-more 4
  • Entry-more 5
  • Entry-more 6
  • Entry-more 7
  • Entry-more 8

Hope this helps others at least exporting their blog content (via rs/atom) into a format that could then be exported as a csv. ready for when Webflow provide an import (hopefully very soon!). :grinning:

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@flow123, great, thanks for sharing!

We’re currently specing out the import feature. Thanks for your patience!


I cannot wait for this! So excited. I think this will have a huge impact on the number of people/companies that look at Webflow as a viable option for their sites. I also think including an export option will also help people feel like they have some insurance that if Webflow doesn’t work out, they can export their posts.


Is there any ETA on importing HTML/CSS into webflow?

We love the platform but really need to be able to import existing HTML/CSS to make it truly efficient.

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In creating a new collection, one of the templates is for recipes. It would be super to be able to import a csv file so I can publish a client cookbook I’ve done in print form.

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Any news on this? :slight_smile:

Hi Webflow Team,

Any uploads on the CSV upload function?

This feature probably won’t arrive before API and plugin marketplace features.

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