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Ability to integrate user login and registration for a Webflow hosted site


We have login and registration pages at site. How we can do these pages functional. Is there any DB facility available at webflow. If no then how i can fetch data from other server.

Thanks in advance.


At the moment, we don’t have a way to add a user system natively in Webflow. Unfortunately, unless you’re really comfortable with code (e.g. frameworks like Meteor, or CMS systems like Wordpress or Joomla), it’s very hard to do something like this purely in Webflow.

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Use Perch ( and their membership addon, its simple.

You can’t. Perch is a stand-alone app for you to build and host on your own server. To add a membership in there you have to: from documentation

Members installs like other Perch apps.

Unzip the download and copy the perch_members folder into /perch/addons/apps/
There are some basic sample files in the members folder. Copy this to the root of your site.
Add the following to your /perch/config/apps.php file, directly after the content app:

You have no access to Webflow servers and you can’t just implement this kind of solutions.

On the other hand @prem3319 what do you exactly need this one for?

Sure you can, there isn’t a requirement that you host with Webflow in the first place and considering the limitations of hosting with them not sure why you would want to.

Can you elaborate on how you could use Meteor + Webflow to create a webapp?

I love this.

Could you build web apps with webflow as frontend and firebase everything else?

Many thx

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Can anyone show me a step by step procedure on how we can do this?
I am not a programmer and fairly new to this. I really need to implement this too on my website.

also preferably a free or very cheaper alternative to Firebase…haha

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Hi I’m exploring integrating with webflow (which I really enjoy using) and I’m looking at ways that I can create some reusable partial type templates that might include some code. Is there anyway that a custom widget could be made for webflow that would allow custom code to be included, like this: <%= title %> I think that would help in integrations. Allowing custom configurable widgets to be made by users, would be ideal. Thanks, Jim

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Do you know if there are cheaper alternative to firebase though?


We have a ruby app for currency companies and have a feature that allows our customers to create public pages. We want to move the public pages to webflow however we need ability for visitors to create accounts and sign in to accounts for the ruby app. We have an API for account creation now. Would firebase handle this link between webflow and our current application and if so do you have any examples?


Hi @simonccy, we do not have any official examples as Firebase is a third party product, but they have very complete documentation at

At some point I try to get some Webflow examples for Firebase, but it is a low priority item at the moment, while we focus on new Webflow updates.

On the Firebase docs pages, you can find out about authentication and security rules for Firebase powered apps.

Firebase is a product that you can include to your website by just pasting in a few lines of code, they have an example tutorial that runs you through the process:



Dave, would you mind providing a sample snippet of code how you do integration with Firebase and how you attach that call to a Webflow form Submit button? I’m having trouble imagining/understanding how to do the latter.


Hello @cyberdave, wondering if you had a chance to make the Webflow + Firebase tutorial? It would add an incredible use to webflow, and I’m sure many are expecting it :smile:.

Thank you!


Hi @cyberdave,

Very interesting idea to use Firebase. Do you happen to have an example of Firebase integrated with a Webflow site?




Yes, anyone know a workaround for password protection?

I want to create a hidden CMS page for the user to make work schedule for the employees.
Don’t have to be the safest password protection.

Can I use something like THIS if Webflow host the site (need CMS)

Hey @krubens, you might be able to achieve this using password protection built into Webflow’s own hosting controls:

No, because its just one page the needs “protection”.

But is it seriously no html/css that can work with webflow?



Hi there @cyberdave.

Is there any way to boost the priority of Firebase Intergrations on the wishlist.

Webflow has been so good to us… thanks for all the work!

Thanks brother,