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RSS feed to Create, Update and Remove content?

Hey Guys,

Following on from my first post I want to run this spec past people more experienced then me with Webflow and Importing content to see if the following use case would work in your opinion.

I’ve been trying out importing content from an RSS feed into Webflow using Integromat and the initial import seems to be working well, but if I run the scenario again it creates the same content again - I’m new to both of these systems so thought I would ask for opinions as to whether this is possible before i spend ages on this and find out it’s not possible.

So the idea is that I have an RSS feed from my client, this is drawing content from his backend DB with a list of courses on it. Each course has a name, date, description price and booking link.

So i have made a collection in Webflow with those fields and it seems pretty easy even for a novice to map those fields in the RSS to the matching fields in Webflow = happy days.

Where it starts to get a little more complicated. Over time as you would expect, the feed will change, eg. they might make an edit to a course - so I need the next run of the scenario to update the existing collection item in Webflow - is it possible to do that? I might need to map a unique identifier or something?

Also if a course has finished, it will be removed from the RSS feed, so is there a way to then remove or unpublish the collection item in Webflow?

I’m not asking you step by step to tell me how to do that (although if you could that would be amazing!) but just whether it is possible and if you can point me in the right direction i’d really appreciate it.



Just giving this a little bump

I’m also interested in this. bump

Ended up getting a developer to feed the content into the Webflow API, works a charm and for a developer is quite easy.

Don’t suppose you could recommend a developer? Think it may be cheaper and quicker to get someone with knowledge to do it.

Fraid not, the developer I worked with is not available for other work. API allows you to easily bring in images and tags, unlike the CSV import.

This is interesting.

I’m currently building a tool that does this, but for CSV files instead of RSS. It detects new items, modified items, and missing/deleted items. And updates Webflow CMS accordingly.

I never thought about it, but it would be easy to add RSS support. Which would also be useful for importing Wordpress exports (which are more or less a big extended RSS file).

I’m going to look into it this weekend. Thanks for the idea. :smiley:

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Would that have image support?

Just looked at your link and it does! nice one!


Yes, it supports all field types: images, reference/multi-reference, external files, switch, etc.

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