RSS feed link on my Webflow website


I have a blog website set up on my webflow account already, and I would like to add this blog onto my other website that I’m building on weblflow. I would like to add this blog using RSS feed so that it’ll just draw out the most recent posts and add this to my new website in a grid like form, taking up just a small section of the website. I would also like the blog section on my new website to automatically update with the most recent posts whenever my blog website is updated, how would I go about doing all of this? I already have the RSS feed link from my blog website but I just don’t know where to integrate it on my new website. I have the section on the website where I would like to integrate it set up in grid formate, using placeholder images to mimic what the blog section would look like. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Here my read-only share link, scroll down to Bezier slide Webflow - Zacht.Studio Revamp!

RSS is limited. It does not typically contain the full content of the article, just excerpts- so it’s good for showing headlines and usually an image but not a full replica of the article.
When users click on an article, you’d need to send them through to the original site to view the full article.

If you’re good with that, here are two options-

  1. Use script or jQuery, to read the RSS and create some elements on your destination site page. Fun if you’re a programmer, not so fun if you’re not.
  2. Use automation like to read the RSS, and then populate a CMS collection on your destination site.

If you do #2, you have the option to trigger directly from Webflow CMS triggers, and thus avoid RSS altogether. You’d just be cloning items from your source CMS to your destination CMS.

thanks for the reply! I’ll try option 2 :slight_smile:

A far superior choice. I publish thousands of articles this way.

If we’re lucky, Webflow Logic will be able to support that someday as well-

  • Source site- trigger on CMS changes and call a webhook
  • Dest site- trigger on the webhook, and update the CMS changes

Or, we’ll be able to share our CMSs ( or views of our CMSs ) across multiple sites.

But for now, stick with what already works.

You can also Byteline no-code platform for #2. Same flow as you proposed (avoiding RSS), Webflow Create/Update Trigger → Webflow CMS Update

A significant difference is our smart update feature for updating the CMS. You toggle on the matching fields, based on which we automatically create or update an item. Learn more.