Importing content to Rich Text ul and li not working?

Hey Guys,

My first post so a bit of an intro - I’m a bit of a newbie to Webflow - only using it a few months now (I have been designing in Drupal for 12 years and before that WordPress since about 2003).

Anyways loving Webflow so far, the first of these web builders I have seen which gives the kind of design and CMS flexibility that has really turned my head. Till now I have only used Webflow for simple brochure or basic CMS sites and it is working well … but now I have something more complex I would really like to move to Webflow if possible.

So enough about me - onto the first of a series of questions

I am testing using an RSS feed to create items in a collection using Integromat, however, on one of my first tests I have hit a slight snag in that when importing the feed into a Rich Text field on my collection, the ul and li tags in the source are not importing.

This could be something very basic - and apologies if thats the case - but any feedback much appreciated.



Also giving this a little bump