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Importing articles via RSS?

A client I am working for would like to import articles from TechCrunch and other similar sources to display on their site. Please see the Read-Only site. They want to do this via RSS.

The read-only site shows the format they would like to use to display different articles. Does anyone know how to import content (articles) to display on a Webflow site? I have checked out some services that create HTML embed widgets of RSS feeds, but they are paid services and lack customization. I want to plug the content into the existing design.

Is there a way to do this without RSS?

Any help is appreciated! I am willing to pay you for your help if necessary. Ideally, need this figured out within the next few days.



Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Mitchell_Joseph it seems like you want to be able to bring data to Webflow without hosting it on Webflow.

Sadly, theres no simple way to do that. Have you tried to migrate your client database to Webflow instead?


Thanks for your response. My client does not have a database. They basically want to display articles from other sources and throw in some backlinks to their own website (where it says NOBL9 Ad). They mentioned using RSS to accomplish this.

Hi @Mitchell_Joseph,

the best way to do this is with Zapier.

Follow this link:

This will allow you to create a RSS filter so you can upload content automatically . Try to create an identifier so it loads inside the container you need.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks bro, appreciate your help

This seems to be for dynamic content and using the CMS. is there anyway to simply display a few static articles? We don’t want to pay for CMS hosting and basically just want a function to display articles from other sources for the sake of having content. It doesn’t need to be a live refreshing feed.

sorry @Mitchell_Joseph, I believe that without paying the CMS Hosting is getting harder because you will have to combine code within Webflow and still is going to be difficult.

I strongly suggest you pay the CMS and go with Zapier, its going to make everything easier!

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