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How to import CMS via RSS

Hey guys, I am working on automating my CMS. One collection item, for example, is pulling in articles from various sources. I was originally trying this with web scrapers but they are a bit too buggy for my liking and require a lot of quality control.
I can see there is some documentation on Webflow University regarding RSS but it only mentions a way to share your RSS feed… in other words only output. I want input.
I have tried Getting articles from Feedly via Zapier into a collection, which works partly. But I suppose my question is, is there another built in or automatic way of getting RSS feeds into a collection. I half expected there to be a field for pasting a particular RSS feed URL in Webflow but cannot see it.

Any tips would be very appreciated. At the moment my best option has been getting Feedly to send html files of the documents to Dropbox, then getting Zapier to put them into Webflow, however even with the formatting Zap I am unable to pull the specific fields desired, as per a normal blog ie. Main image and thumbnail (which I would usually get the direct URL for from Zapier but it isn’t working.

A big ramble there - I hope someone understands what I am trying to do and can help me. Would really appreciate it! Feel free to ask any questions to clarify.

(I am not sharing link as it’s not really relevant or needed for this query)

Thanks so much in advance,

Anyone? Just bumping this.

I had a very similar question and was advised to just use Zapier, which I am implementing now.

Did you manage to get it to work using Zapier? I tried importing via Google Sheets then out via Zapier to Webflow, but Google Sheets has a limitation can’t specify the elements I need.