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Root Page Inside Collection

How do I create a root page inside a collection?

For example, I create the collection called ‘Ferrari’, therefore every page I create in this collection will give the url ‘/ferrari/new-page’.

But how do I create a page using the collection root url? With the url ‘/ferrari’

I know I could create a static page, but since we have a limit of 100 static pages on Webflow, this won’t work.

Any ideas?

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There’s no way to do this with CMS collections, at least not the moment.

Thanks for your reply Aaron.

What do you suggest is the answer/work around?

At present by using collections, every page within that collection will be pushed down a level which obviously isn’t ideal for SEO. We at least want the parent of that collection out at first level.

Create a static page for it, that’s the only solution/workaround I can see at the moment.

The issue with creating a static page is that the slug cannot be the same as the collection slug.

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Has there been an y movement on this topic?

I really need this or an option to have more static pages