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Nested URL (Multiple levels)

Greetings all!

I have a folder named “folder_slug” with 2 pages (“page_a” and “page_b”).

“page_a” URL is therefore:
“page_b” URL is therefore:

I want to create a collection named “courses” with URL:{{ collection slug }}

Unfortunately, Webflow changes my URL “folder_slug/courses” to “folder_slug-courses”. Any workaround ?

I really need this kind of URL nesting for SEO.

Thanks for your time !

This is not currently supported in Webflow.

Any update on multi-level URLs or sense of timeline in a product roadmap? As @yasseen suggested, this would help with SEO.

I might be wrong here, but I faintly recall Google saying URL nesting and composition means very little these days?

Page rank sculpting is still a valid approach and content pyramids help. Not something we can do easily with CMS or product path limitations.