How to get blog post URL in root directory?

I want to organize my blog posts in CMS collections, but have the blog post URL sit in the root directory of my website.

For example, I’d like my blog post URLs to look like:
website . com/blog-post-1
website . com/blog-post-2
website . com/blog-post-3

It seems that currently, if they are in a CMS collection, the blog post will sit in the collection directory like so:
website . com/posts/blog-post-1

Is there a way to have a blog post exist in a CMS collection and also have its URL be in the root directory?

Basically no. The only workaround is to use a static page with a one item collection list to display a collection item. This does not scale as you would quickly run out of pages. Some people have used redirects but that presents an issue as well.

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Thanks for your response. That’s what I figured.