Rich Text Size and Height Stuck

I cannot change the Typograhy size and height of the Rich Text within the third section or “Textbook Library” section. I might have changed something while playing with other parts of the page. What’s holding me back from changing the height and size?

Here is my site Read-Only: Home (Business 2)

please send the read-only link you have send the actual website link

The link is in the post. Here it is again Home (Business 2)

Edit: It seems like webflow automatically shortens the link to what the page is called. So the Home (Business 2) page is a hyperlink.

Hi @EnriqueTMT as your content is in RTE you need to unbind CMS that will allow you to make changes in RTE template. IMO using RTE for this element is total overkill as RTE should be used for complex long text with images, titles, paragraphs, lists etc.

One more thing your link is to LIVE page and not READ OLNY, if you do not know how to share Rea-only link please read topic pinned on top of forum with title " How to Enable a Webflow Share Link :wink:

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Lol, I had no idea read-only and live links were different.

Thank you for the hit. I’ll quickly summarize what I did for documentation

RTE means Rich Text Box. It’s the field you can select when creating or editing the collection or the element within the container you’re working on.

  1. You can make plain text like the rich textbox by checking “Multiple line (for long text)”. That’s on the CMS/collection side.
  2. You’ll also need to select the element in your webpage that you want to have the info from the collection.
  3. Make sure you click the settings for that element and have it “Get text from [the name of your collection]” and the field you want it to pull the text from.
  4. Then you’ll need to go to the Style menu for that element and go to Typography. Then go to “More type options” at the end of the Typography thingie.
  5. Then go to “Breaking”, click the drop-down menu next to “Breaking”, and select “Pre”. It will make it in a listing style and solve the problem with the size, height, and keeping it in a list format.

Hi @EnriqueTMT if issue for request of customizing content in RTE doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved.

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