Rich Text CMS Formatting strangely

As I format my post template page, when I connect a rich text box to CMS it changes the formatting to be all weird and then it gets lost somewhere. In this read only link, I have the top rich text box formatted to be linked with my CMS field, while the second one isn’t. Can someone help me find where it goes?? Thank you!!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Brooke's Top-Notch Site)

Everything looks normal from here-

  • Your top rich text element is CMS linked, and the content you’ve linked to appears to be just a standard paragraph. The unlinked lower one has headings.
  • Neither rich text element is formatted, meaning neither has classes or class-assigned styles for its sub-elements.

What is it that’s happening / not-happening as you expect it to?

Oh cool! I guess it’s just not showing up on the developer mode. I’ll check things again but it looks like it’s working.