Links in blog articles gets reduced in size

Every time I hyperlink a text in a blog post, the size of the hyperlinked font gets reduced on the live page. How to have the linked text of the same size as the other text in the article?


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Hi @Karthik_K as you do not share read-only I can only point you to RTE styling, mean as your content is coming from RTE you need to set size of all links inside RTE to higher size than currently set of 13px

You can learn more about how to here

Hello, Stan (@Stan). Here is the read-only link: Webflow -

Could you please help me out? I couldn’t figure it out (change the font size of hyperlinks ) from the video you shared in the previous post.

Sorted it out, mate. For anyone who encounter such problem, here’s what I did:

  1. I created a dummy page.

  2. Saved it in drafts.

  3. Deselected it from Google Search Engine Indexing.
    (Remember, steps 2 and 3 are very important).

  4. Added a Rich Text Box

  5. Named its class (I named it as Blog RTE).

  6. Included a couple of paragraphs with headings, links, images (basically whatever you need in a blog post) and customized every single element based on how I wanted them to look in my blog post.

  7. After customizing every element, selected ALL LINKS (or) ALL HEADINGS (based on what you select) and then nested it under the class of the corresponding Rich Text section (Blog RTE).


  1. In this case, I resized (increased) the hyperlinked text size to 18.

  2. Went to my Blog Post Template page.

  3. Selected the Rich Text section.

  4. Renamed the class to what I’ve set on my dummy page (Blog RTE).

  5. There you go, whatever stylings you did in the elements of the dummy page will get reflected in your blog post template as well.

Cheers!! And thank you @Stan !

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Hi @Karthik_K glad to see you have been able to sort it out. Sorry for late response as I wasn’t on comp. :wink:

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