Rich Text Possible Bug

When working in a Rich Text Area and I hit enter I’m taken back to the top of the designer. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I’m on a Mac using Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 (64-bit)

Does this happen on all of your sites and does it happen in the Data manager and in the canvas?

Happens in the canvas/designer area. I just looked through several sites and it only seems to happening on a couple in the designer. I’m wondering if it has something to do with pasted text. Know that’s not very helpful. I’m actively working on a site but can’t share with the public. I could message you the share link and site if that’s helpful.

It would be best if you sent a screencast to with your share link. The process is very confidential. :thumbsup:

Cool. It will be later but I’ll get it in…maybe I can isolate the issue more before then.

I’m getting a very similar error in rich text as well @thesergie. When I click enter to insert a break, the break isn’t saved upon clicking “save” and it’s reverted back to the original state.

I think @jdesign brought up the issue of pressing enter and having it jump to the top of the page. You’re bringing up a separate issue that’s more intended behavior to prevent empty paragraphs in the RTE. I’d create a separate topic for this

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