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[RESOLVED] Text cursor jumping to top of rich text in CMS editor


I am having an issue that is a bit annoying when trying to type in content within the CMS editor. Seemingly randomly as I am typing the cursor jumps to the beginning of the rich text element… has anyone else had this issue? Am using Chrome on a MacBook Pro, Sierra.

Hi @GourmetPixel

Can you verify the issue be sending a video or GIF of it?

Also, sending your browser version and readonly link helps me look into it further.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @PixelGeek, sure - read only is here:

It’s just a normal rich text element within a collection. Gif is here:

You can see I’m trying to type at the bottom and it jumps to the start without me doing anything…

If you can help that would be ACE! I will be unleashing the editor on a client for the first time with this and don’t want the client to think badly of it as it is an amazing thing.

Hey @GourmetPixel!

I’ve been trying to break it past hour but couldn’t reproduce that error on my end at all… Can you verify if that bug happens to you in Incognito Mode? We had experienced some issues with some browser extensions and it might be the case in here as well.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi @bart,

ok, so I tried it in Incognito mode and it doesn’t seem to happen.

it seems to happen when you have a rich text field that has sample text in it within CMS. You select all the text below the first H2 and then start typing…perhaps it get’s confused because there was P, H2, H3 quotes, etc and now you are just typing para?
Not sure

Hey @GourmetPixel!

Looks like it’s an extension issue then. You can try disabling all extensions and enable them one-by-one to check which one is interfering with Webflow :slight_smile:


Hi @bart, thanks for your time!! I think it is Grammarly

Ah yeah! I’ve had a slightly different issue with Grammarly before, where typing something in Rich Text in Collection Item resulted in a shadow of that text in the back (looked like a placeholder). Thanks for checking on that one :slight_smile:


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