Cursor jumps to bottom when pasting text

If I cut text from a web site into a paragraph element, then place the cursor and hit return to make a space between paragraphs, the cursor suddenly jumps to the bottom of the paragraph element (and puts a extra blank line down there as well) so I have to place the cursor again. I’m using Chrome on a PC.

Also it would be nice if the paragraphs were kept intact when cutting and pasting an entire group of several paragraphs with lines separating the paragraphs. Instead when pasted, all paragraphs are removed and the entire text is made into a single paragraph which means I have to manually go through the text and make the paragraph breaks manually (which is how I discovered the bug above).

I haven’t been able to re-create this in my designer. Is it possible for you to make a short video of what is happening? The copying might be bringing in over hidden characters that is causing strange behavior.

I find that happening when I copy and past text from a word doc or email.

I want to point out to you that if you want to have separate paragraphs you need to use a separate paragraph element for each one. Hitting enter within a paragraph element doesn’t create a new paragraph it adds a line break to the html.

Dealing with multiple paragraphs should be come easier in the future with the addition of rich text nodes. You can read about them in this post.

Very strange, I’m now completely unable to re-create the problem. Started up the web site again from the dashboard and did a cut and paste as before, but now the line breaks occur where they should when I hit return, so false alarm.

I guess line break was all I was going for, I have long text for example with a space between blocks of text and it seems dumping all the text into a single paragraph block then just hitting return within the block to make spaces works. If I examine the original HTML from the source web site, there are indeed a p tag for each space so I guess these are filtered out when I do a cut and paste into a single paragraph block.

OK, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Does the Clear Formatting button that appears over text blocks do the same thing?

Hi @ssmipi, thanks good question :slight_smile: Yes, you can use that method to clear formatting. After pasting make sure to select all the text in your element and then click the clear formatting button.

On mac you can also press cmd+shift+v to paste without formatting direct from the clipboard. The Windows command is ctrl+shift+v.

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