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Rich text not picking up class


I have created a collection list along with posts. The post I have designed using a rich text component. However, this doesn’t seem to pick up the styles in a class I have called body_copy

Any help would be appreciated.


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:thinking: what exactly are you trying to accomplish, are you struggling to style the rich text field? Or have you got it styled somewhere else and it’s not showing up on your blog? Here’a a video I made a while ago on styling an RTE, this might be helpful Adjust indent of bullet list in rich text element.


I have body copy styled on other pages, which uses a class called body_copy. I apply this class to the rich text field but it doesn’t pick up the style.

If you look at copy on other pages you’ll see what I mean



@kevsai ah, I see! You’ve applied the styling on other pages to a ‘paragraph’ element, classes can’t be applied to different elements so a paragraph styled as ‘body text’ doesn’t apply to an RTe since it’s a different element, even if the RTE only contains paragraphs. You can style the ‘all paragraphs’ element and that will be picked up by all your paragraphs without a class applied, including paragraph elements and paragraphs inside RTEs

Thanks for your help @sarahfrison this works! :slight_smile:

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@kevsai perfect! Glad to hear it’s working.