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How do I style rich text with dynamic content?

I am trying to style the text of my blog post in my blog post page template. The text is inherited from the dynamic content (my blog post). However, I can’t see how to style it. When I try to style it in the normal way it does not work.

I have tried to follow the help guide here:

However I can’t select on the elements of the text so it does not work.

Can someone please help?

Here is my public share link:

Style the RT outside a Dynamic List or Template, that’s the trick. You can’t style RT sub elements inside a Dynamic thing.

So to be clear:

  1. check the class you’ve been giving to your rt in your dyn list
  2. put an rt outside the dyn list and give it the same class
  3. slect an element in the RT, like, H2
  4. click on the classes box, select “all H2”
  5. click just below on what just appeared: "limit to content of “classname” (class of your rt)
  6. style

Ok - so somewhere other than on Webflow you mean?

no, in a webflow page but outside a dynamic list. in “normal” areas.

Ok - I will try what you say

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