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Rich Text not Formatting Properly across API (Parabola/Airtable)

Hey Webflow. Another API question for you all! Hopefully, I’m just doing something wrong and it’s an easy fix? Here’s my current problem.

I’m using Airtable to handle my Webflow CMS database. There are multiple collections and hundreds of products being rotated regularly, so this is a necessary solution.

One of my CMS field items is a Rich Text Block. Since Airtable supports Rich Text Blocks, I’d assume that the way I format my field in Airtable will properly translate to Webflow. But this is not the case…



As you can see on the Webflow Dynamic Page. The CMS field is in-fact a Rich Text element. However, when uploaded to the field, it appears to not carry the inherited styling, and instead just deposits the text into a cluttered mess. I’m not sure why the styling isn’t working on the Webflow side, or what I can do to fix this. If there’s another option that doesn’t involve using rich-text, then I’m open to that. But since I need to have bold headings and such, I assumed this would be the best way.

Thanks. Please let me know if there is more that I can provide.

You can’t use Rich Text in Airtable and have it display correctly in a WF RTF as you have discovered. Webflow’s RTF will accept basic HTML and convert it but I don’t think that is an option in Airtable. Something you could try if it does. There is no other workaround that I am aware of.

@webdev Thank you for your reply! Do you think that if I were to simply add the proper HTML syntax within a regular long-text field inside of Airtable that it would work when brought into Webflow? Thanks for the suggestion.

Also, I know you’re busy, but I had another forum question regarding the ability to clear/nullify fields in Webflow using a similar workflow in Parabola or Integromat. I need a way to batch unbind fields from each-other so that I can delete them. There’s over 600 fields currently being used in my project that will be rotated every other week - there’s no way I can clear these fields manually. It’s really the top priority right now, and you seem extremely knowledgeable on the topic! Thank you!

I suggest you try with a record to confirm one way or another.

As to your second Q, not something I have time to peel the onion back on right now.