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CMS Rich Text Not Formatting Correctly

I’m creating a job board where a company can fill an Airtable form to create a job posting, which is transferred to Webflow CMS through Zapier. Although, no matter how the rich text is edited when the posting is created in Airtable, Webflow isn’t able to recognize the formatting.

Bulleted lists for example just bunch up into a single paragraph. Headings don’t retain their styling either. See the “Full Stack Engineer” posting under the Jobs CMS Template to view how the text was fed into Airtable and compare with any other posting to see how the data is being read by Webflow.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if there’s a better way to go about this. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Here is my public share link:

Rich Text Fields support basic HTML. If HTML is not supported (field contents / field edit) in Airtable (does not look like it) then you would need to find another solution.

Currently looking for a solution on this but no luck as of yet. Can anybody else offer any advice or solution?