HTML Field is rendering tags

Hello everyone, I have a field in Airtable, that holds an HTML structure (just some bolds and italics, maybe an

    list. I want to output this HTML in a formatted way in Webflow. Whenever I output this Collection’s field on the page - doesn’st matter as a Rich Text element or embed as an HTML - it always shows the actual HTML tags, but doesn’t render them. Any ideas?

I don’t know if Airtable actually supports HTML storage directly. My guess is you’ve just written markup in an Airtable text field. It will then get encoded to HTML for display, so e.g. <p> becomes &lt;p&gt;

That might work, and Airtable might not break or strip your markup. To display it in a webpage, you’ll have to decode that back to the markup you’re intending. Look up HTML decode and add a bit of jQuery or script at the Webflow end to do the conversion.

Thank you, I will try this today.