How to clear CMS fields using API (need to Unbind items)

Hey Webflow Community! Have a fun one today, and really need your guys’ help!

To put things simply, I’ve designed an event booking site that connects multiple events and venues throughout downtown Atlanta. To accomplish an accurate booking platform, there are multiple CMS Collections such as Date Specific Party Pages & VIP Section Pages, to which each date-specific page has their own date-specific products to allow purchasing of VIP sections/tickets/etc…

All of the data is assembled in Airtable and deployed to the Webflow CMS via Integromat and Parabola. It’s a pretty intensive workflow that I won’t bother explaining for now. But my question is this: Since I’m dealing with thousands of CMS items and products that are regularly rotated, How do I clear these fields so that I can delete them using an API like Parabola or Integromat? . I’ve tried simply deleting these fields, but since each CMS Collection has multiple bindings and Reference fields, I’m running into a problem where I’m unable to delete the fields because of their references in other collections. I’m sure you can see how this will be problematic because in the 4-week schedule alone on the site for 2 venues and 2 events I’m dealing with over 550 items. That’s 550 items to enter manually and remove the bindings…

What’s the best way to batch-clear these bindings? In Zapier/Airtable for example, any Airtable row can be cleared by entering 3 spaces (“—”). Is there a similar function to Webflow that I don’t know about?

I need a solution that allows me to expand this system to more cities, venues, and events. Thank you! Let me know what else I can provide that would help!

Here’s the site for reference:

Trying to bump this post? How do we use the API calls to clear a reference field?

Is there no answer to this? I am facing the same problem… Any help here please?