Rewardful Affiliate Integration with Webflow & Stripe

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to integrate rewardful with webflow, and I am getting stuck on step 3 of their instructions, which is to add a referral metadata when a stripe customer is created.

Does anyone else have any experience integrating rewardful with webflow, and if not have you successfully managed to install any affiliate tracking program with webflow ecommerce?

Anything helps! Thanks in advance.

Hey @jaumeros77, one of the founders of Rewardful here.

We’d love to work with the Webflow team to build a direct integration. However, at the moment there’s a few Webflow add-ons that enable you to set up an affiliate program with Rewardful without adding any of the code you mentioned:

Hey Brady,

Thanks for getting back to us. We’ve tried memberstack however it only allows for membership subscriptions and not ecommerce products.

Is there a workaround for this?

Thanks again. Jaume

Hey @jaumeros77, we’re looking at the possibility of integrating with a partner that might be a better fit for running eCommerce on Webflow. What do you have in mind for a timeline on this?


Hi @Rewardful
Just following up on the above…
Would you mind explaining how to integrate Rewardful with Webflow? I’m not quite sure where to add " Step 2: Add referral data to your signup form" into Webflow and can’t seem to find much on this. I’m also using Memberstack as well.


Hi Liam,

I’m also looking at doing the same thing. Did you have any success setting this up?


Hi did you get anywhere with enabling affiliate marketing with webflow e-commerce? I have an e-commerce shop with webflow and need an affiliate program plug in.

A web developper in our team was able to make the integration work with some custom code and some time. You can email us at and we could sell you the integration.

Hey @kanebaker and @benedyktandsylvester !

Hopefully this message isn’t too late! In the next week or two we’ll be opening up our new app Affiliates & Referrals for Webflow shops for free beta! Do you want to be included? If so I’d love to hear what you think about the app.

Our goal was to make the most Webflow-friendly way to easily add Affiliate & Referral programs to your site.

Standing by if you have any questions!

does your app can work with Paypal as a gateway? Thanks.

Hey Everyone! Wanted to mention that our app Affiliates for Webflow Shops is launched and live. It’s a Webflow-native solution – install is only one single script and integrates with Paypal (cc @Avi_A). Our goal was to make the most Webflow-friendly option.

Check it out! The app is completely free until you’ve made 5 affiliates sales. Happy to give anyone an extended free trial if you reach out and ask (!

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