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Webflow Affiliate or Reseller plan?

I would love to see an affiliate or a reseller plan created on webflow.
I am running a program that will bring a lot of people to webflow in the coming months, might be in their thousands so i’m thinking of how to leverage this population by earning some form of commission bringing them in to webflow. Is it possible?


Didn’t they have this 1 year ago where if you direct a friend to Webflow you get an certain amount off a template… Or I might just be dreaming of things. :wink:

Oh didnt know that. I’m actually referring to earning commission by referring someone to a monthly or yearly plan. :slight_smile:

Yes this was available last year. Not sure what happened to it - I think that it wasn’t use by anyone so they took it offline?

I would also love a small commission for directing people to webflow. I’ve been working on an affilite site for a bit and would really like to add webflow to it!

I contacted one of the customer service reps (Dave) earlier today and brought this up, he said Webflow is currently working on a better affiliate program. Not sure of exact ETA.

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Thats great. Only if it will come pretty soon as i’m about working on my package for thousands of people.

Remember that Webflow has to filter those people as well. I don’t see the point of paying people for them to redirect them to the free trial. Because Webflow won’t make any money off of them and just waste their money paying people who bring Webflow “users” in.

I think that’s the difficulty, filtering out the good from the spam. :wink::+1:

You made a good point there. Actually it has to be referring people to a paid plan to be able to get commission, not the free plan.

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Also Webflow might want the people to sign up yearly. Because you could spam Webflow also by only getting 1 month paid. :wink::+1:

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I would feel ok with that. Any word on this cyberdave, thesergie, pixelgeek?

@brilliantlights be sure to tag them by pressing @ and then selecting their name as to get their attention and to correctly tag then. :wink::+1:

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Hi @brilliantlights, @rowan, @VladimirVitaliyevich, this is still on the wish list and I do not have an ETA for the new program yet. As soon as there is an update, I will notify :slightly_smiling:

@rowan, there was a referral program for a short while in 2015, but that was discontinued.

Keep tuned, when there is a new program, this post will be updated.


Any updates on a potential affiliate program?

Hi @finlayconn, the Partner Program details are still WIP and this is not just collecting dust! I do not have the exact ETA but stay tuned! When ready, announcements will be made :slight_smile:


Oh this is the famed cyberdave :grinning:

I’m still glued to this thread here

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