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Integrate Stripe checkout (3 items)

I am offering a service that has 3 tiers or packages. However, I need them to be recurring and the best option I found is with Stripe. I don’t have the time to learn and can’t figure out how to make it all happen. Anyone feel like helping a guy out?? Thanks!

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Hey there!

I was in the same dilemma recently until I asked around for recommendations and came across It ticks all the boxes! You can either integrate it in your web services or embed the hosted payment form on your website (my favorite).

Most importantly; add custom text fields to capture data, variable recurring billing (different paid packages) & connect PayPal or Stripe payments.

What I recommend you to do is embed the hosted payment form in a new page and add a right or left sidebar detailing the 3 tiers, benefits and a ‘getting started’ video.

Here’s a live example of my hosted payment form

Have fun!

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This really helped!! Thanks for posting an answer on this!

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Moonclerk looks like a great option for Webflow designers that need to collect payment from clients. How easy was it to set up and do you recommend this service to others?

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From sign up to completed payment form = less than 2 minutes depending on internet speed (38mbps over here).

I specifically searched Google for ‘hosted payment form’ and Moonclerk appealed to me the most. The back end user interface is slick and simple to use.

NOTE: Payers will remain on your site during checkout and Moonclerk still host the form! Oh and it’s mobile responsive :smiley:

101% recommended for Webflow designers.

You’re most welcome! :slight_smile: I like sharing goodies that have helped me improve my business.

I have been talking a bit with the people behind moonclerk (they have really great support, even on holidays:) This is a great system, but its only for payment. They dont deliver a complete ecommurce system. Where as Ecwid and Shopify gives you futures like: “if sold out, the user cant by” - or complete inventor list and so on, this will only provide you with a Shop now button. And as far as I have seen, you cant buy more than one item at once. Sadly the service I have come across which works best with Webflow is the bloody boring Exwid, where you need to know coding to be able to make some design changes on buttons and so on. I would love to use Shopify, but I have issues getting the Java code into Webflow and so on.

So a shopify app would be the thing to go for, with webflows focus on : build your own responsive web page with no code. Sadly you end up needing to know coding for ecommerce:(

The best tool i’ve found is

This is a payment solution that is easy to use and has fast set up time. They are already integrated with stripe.
You can set up payment forms or payment buttons to accept one-time or recurring payments.

I am a freelance web designer and i use Payolee to have my customers pay me.

The recurring payments feature with them is great.

@rickharr So for a little some custom code to hook it up to Stripe and a stylesheet you’re willing to give up 4% of your sales?