[Tutorial] Stripe Payment Link Intergration with Rewardful on Webflow

Hello all,

I would like to share with you how to set up Rewardful affiliate program on Webflow when you use Stripe Payment Link.

  1. Sign up for Rewardful affiliate program for 14 days free trial.
  2. You will be asked to connect your Stripe account to Rewardful.
  3. Create a campaign on Rewardful. You can edit your campaign details whenever you want, so no need to think too much here.
  4. Then you need to add Rewardful to your website:
  • Scroll down and choose: Stripe Client-Side Checkout
  • Copy the Javascript in Step 1. (Ignore Step 2.)
  • Paste it on every page into the <head> tag on your website so Rewardful can track affiliates’ interaction on your site.
  • Now it’s the most important but also simple part: Ask Rewardful support for the second script. There is no universal script here as some parameters will be different depending on how you code your website.
  • Add an HTML block at the end of your page or at least below the section where your payment links are located.
  1. If your setup is correct, you will see Affiliate information appearing on your Stripe:
    Stripe → Customer → Metadata: here you will see affiliate’s name, which campaign, via which link, etc.
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Came across this post when I was trying to set Rewardful up on my site.
Rewardful has updated their process and their guidance for this, there is no need to get a ‘second script’ now. You can add the first script into the ‘Head’ of your site (providing you at least have a basic account), and then add a ‘custom attribute’ to your buttons which are linking to your referral scheme.

Select your button that has the Rewardful url linked to it, select ‘Settings’ in the right hand panel, add a ‘custom attribute’ and name it ‘data-rewardful’. Don’t add a value, just the name.
Publish your site and then Rewardful should show it’s connected.

If you’re looking for an affiliate software with a native Webflow integration, check out PromoteKit on Webflow Apps. One click support for payment links also.