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Product Rating Feature in Webflow Ecommerce

I was thinking of making a full fledged ecommerce website on Webflow, but i still can’t figure it out on how to establish a rating service for the users. I want the users to be able to provide a user rating to the products. Can anyone suggest any plugin for this, or if i can do this with Webflow itself?

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I Have tested several systems. Yotpo can be used as a Free version. Then you Have special designed for Webflow

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Hey there @Naman_Sharma :slight_smile:

Consider checking out! We make a reviews solution specifically for Webflow shops that allows you to customize how your widget is displayed and your collection of reviews via webhooks post-order.

Please reach out if I can help you get set up with an extended free trial!

actually it’s not that hard. you just need to inject a rating 0-5 or 0-10 into a database field for the product/service/blog-page or whatever is being rated

on output again you do a little maths script - total score divided by total votes - give you the % score

on the output page you have 2 images of a row of stars

one image the row of stars are all empty (empty-stars)
one image the row of stars are all filled (full-stars)

the % score calculated on page load is then used on the fly to layer the ‘full-stars’ image over the top of the empty-stars image at a pixel width of whatever percent which is = to the % score to create the row of stars ‘filled up’ to whatever level.