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We want to restrict a user so they can only access one of our webflow websites in our account

Hi Webflow community! We have 6 sites under the one account and dashboard. We need to give a user access to only one of those sites for privacy and control purposes. He needs more than just editor access. How do we do this?

Hi @gabriella That is a good question.

You can have that user open their own Webflow account, then transfer the site to that account.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Thank you for your swift response @PixelGeek
The only thing is the site is still ours so we want to manage it. We just don’t want the third party to have access to the other websites as well.

That is not possible. You have to transfer it to another account.

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I would make a copy and transfer it to their account to edit and then transfer it back after they are done. Or just leave it in it’s own account if you both need access.

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Thanks team. We will likely just give them editor access and perform any other changes on our end. If anyone else has any suggestions, keep them coming!
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The content editor approach is your best bet if this person only needs to access CMS content. If they also need to access the designer then that’s a separate use case that we’re looking to solve with our Team plan. Hope that helps!

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