Restricted CMS content


I want my users to create and update their information, stored in the cms collections. They should only see their own data that they have created in the cms. Is that possible?

Hey Bennet, most likely you need a membership system that can associate a specific user with specific data.

Today you can accomplish that with Memberstack, however be aware that the data won’t be 100% secure so e.g. medical records, legal documents, etc could be accessed if someone knew what they were doing.

Next year, Webflow’s Memberships beta might add user-level gating, and would have built-in data security.

You can restrict CMS content to logged users today with Webflow Memberships. But what you’re asking for above you can’t do without some effort (it is possible though).

Another option is Memberstack which I’ve used a lot.

A couple of screencasts that’ll give you an idea of whats possible with it: