Restrict Guest Editors to Specific Pages or Collection Pages/CMS Items – 3rd Party Solution Recommendation?

Hello Everyone!

The ability to restrict guest editors’ access to only specific pages (especially collection pages/CMS items) would be extremely useful to us. (For example, to allow one of our international offices to update their content without allowing them to make changes to other areas of the site). I keep checking Webflow’s updates in hopes that this feature is coming soon, but even with the new Workflow updates I don’t see that it is.

Has anyone found a creative work-around for this or have you tested a 3rd party solution to this that you would recommend?


Hi @awheck

My name is Robert and I work for Memberstack, a potential solution to what you are describing. What are you currently using to manage users on your site? Memberstack manages and authenticates users, so if you are managing your editors using another platform, it might complicated what is possible for you.

In the event that you are still building out the membership portion of the site, here is a good overview of what it would look like on Memberstack. Basically, once membership tiers are created, you should be able to specify certain URLs that only members of that group can access. Depending on what you mean by “updating” content, you can use a CMS collection (or something like that – maybe a webhook) to give specific profiles access to specific kind of content.

Let me know if you want me to expand on this. Knowing a bit more specifically what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful.