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Problem with webflow+Zapier

Hi Folks!

I have a problem with Webflow+Zapier these days. I’m using both since months and it used to work as a charm.
Recently, a new pattern is rising, causing Zapier to “not recognize” a CMS collection.

What happens? The number of that collection (I don’t know how to call it instead of “number”) changes at some point, and then Zapier is getting lost, not find the collection with that number… then I receive an error message.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but that bug makes the communication between Zapier and Webflow CMS totally unusable. HELP! :slight_smile:

Does that collection name exist in webflow? Nothing about the collection changed?

Have you gone back to the webflow setup and reconnected? Might not be the problem though as it sounds like the zap is working and then…not as you say. Try a reconnect anyway if you haven’t.

@Gaetan_Namouric Did you happen to restore from a backup? Doing this gives every collection new IDs which in turn disconnects Zapier. I’ve had this happen to me.

To fix, just go into Zapier and select the collection again. There’s an option to refresh fields that you might need to do first. Once it sees the new IDs, reconnect the collection in the zap.

Hope that helps.

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Hey Matthew!
Yes, I’m uploading a clean version of my DB every 3/4 days. It could the the reason of the bug. One more question thow. Does it changes all the IDs of all the collections? Because i’m Just uploading manually one collection, and have the same problem for every collections. :thinking:

@Gaetan_Namouric I’m actually referring to the backups in the project settings that roll a whole site back to an older version.

If you are just clearing out collection items and importing a csv, that is not what I was mentioning.

Try reconnecting Zapier. Then do your best to pinpoint when the next break happens. See if that gives you any clues to the cause and then contact support with the issue. That’s my advice.