Resources Feed with Finsweet Loading Time Issues

Hi All - would love some support if anyone has experience with Finsweet tools.

I’m working on creating a full resource hub and using a lot of Finsweet attributes.

On the page, I use:

CMS Combine - to bring together 3 lists
CMS Sort - to order all three together by date
CMS load - to add a load more button at the bottom
CMS filter - to add a search bar and checkboxes to sort content

Everything on the page seems to work fine except when the page first loads there is a bunch of movement of items. So it loads 6 items and then the 6 items that appear start to shift around.

Does anyone know a way to stop this movement from happening?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Carrot Fertility

Staging page to interact with page: Second Resource Hub Test