Finsweet CMS load attribute duplicates cms items

Hi all,

For a client I wanted to combine the finsweet attributes ‘CMS filter’ and ‘CMS Load’.

At first I thought this was working as I expected, but apparently, all the items after the load more button are in there twice.

Does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening?

Thanks already for looking in to it!

Published site: Support
Read only link: Webflow - PayByPhone ITALY

Hey Robbe,

I’ve got the same issue, but weirdly only on one instance for the load + filter on a list. I can’t quite figure out whats goin on either so I’d be keen to hear if anyone else know whats going on. Maybe there’s something with a specific combinations of custom attributes? Im going to do some more testing and if get anything sorted I’ll let you know.

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@jonway I found it!

In my case: I added the script tag in the page’s custom code as well as in the custom code for the whole website. deleting one of those did the trick for me!


wow, yuup– thats exactly what happened with me. I put it in the page header and then opted to move to site wide and never removed the page embed. Huge help, thanks!

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I only have one instance of the code snippet and am still getting duplicates. anyone have ideas why? thanks! Webflow - Lumen Energy

This is happening for me too on load more + CMS filter too, it’s just randomly duplicating cms items a listing them infinitely.

Same here. Anyone got a solution?

Did you get a soloution?

Did you find a solution? Having same issue.

For me removing the duplicate code did the trick– I didn’t run into an issue after that. Did you check embeds in site settings, and on the page settings? It sounds like you have, but that’s what got me. Have you tried re-building it on a different page to see if you get the same results?

Hey, So it was some custom code for a dynamic slider interrupting it.
/* remove last slide */

  Webflow.push(function () {

This particular part: Webflow.ready();
Very strange but thankfully the team at Finsweet helped me find it. Bug fixing as a low coder gets really tricky in these moments.