Pagination issue using finsweet attributes


I am using Finsweet attributes for the filter tags in Insights page. I want the default pagination to work on this page i.e. load a new page for page 2. However, the page reloads with the items below. How can I fix this? On Insights page, I’ve used a finsweet attribute for the pagination which does not change the url which isn’t ideal for SEO. Please guide on how I can have the pagination work as default in webflow?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Create Your Matrix

Anyone who can guide here?

Hi Bhavya,

FS CMS Load more effectively replaces Webflow’s native navigation so that you can have additional effects like infinite scroll, and so that CMS filter can work with > 100 list items.

Typically these pages are not the pages you want SEO’d, so that URL does not matter. Even in Webflow’s native pagination, the canonical URL is static. I’d focus your attention on the individual item pages instead, where the content is.

If you have specific questions about FS products, you’d get much more specific answers in FS’s own forums.