Finsweet CMS Filter + Load loads items very slow

Hello everyone,

i have a collection list with currently 591 items (but this will become over 2500 items in the future). these consist purely of (little) text, so no large file sizes.

1.i have combined cms filter + cms load with a pagination, so that it is possible to filter all items and not just the 25 displayed. however, the item count runs up to 591 quite slowly. is it possible to make this faster?

i read something somewhere about a finsweet speed optimization feature - but i can’t find anything.

here is the link (currently only the two upper dropdowns (focus topics and keywords with functionality) are available):

Thanks for any support.

2500 is a lot but should be doable. On initial load that would be 25 page fetches, so there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

Make sure your collection list is set to show 100 items in the designer, not 25. If you set it to 25, you’d quadruple the number of page fetches required.

If you only want 25 item to appear, that’s specified thorough Finsweet’s attributes, not in the collection list settings.

It’s in the Finsweet load docs.

I also recommend you add the total item count as a visual indicator near the top of the page, it makes the load experience much clearer as to what’s happening and why all items may not have appeared yet ( esp. if you’re combining FS filter ).

many thanks for your, once again, quick and great help!

setting the number of items per page to 100 actually helps a little - but unfortunately only a little. with 2500 items it still takes a correspondingly long time.

can you take a look at this example from finsweet on theme filter attributes? :

This collection has 511 items and loads at lightning speed … in the clonable in the designer i see that the list is set to 20 items per page…and still loads super fast. do you know an explanation for this?

Do you have ‘Show page count’ enabled in your Pagination element? According to the CMS Load documentation, that is what gives the speed boost

That’s likely an oversight, as you can see below it forces the browser to load 511 / 20 = 26 pages. That seems much less efficient than the 6 pages they could have loaded, but you might check in Finsweet’s forums to see if they have a rationale for chunking the pages into many more smaller bites.

To make yours more performance-

  • Use Finsweet’s performance suggestions in the guide. Caitlin also highlighted that section for you.
  • Keep your pages tight, and light. FS loads the entire page, not just the collection list content.
  • I wouldn’t expect scripts or large images to affect the load itself since FS is caching the HTML only into the browser’s indexedDB. But it may be worth doing some investigation to see if they affect JS fetch performance.
  • After the first load, the pages are cached, so it will be much faster.