Sort finsweet - not working as expected


I am using CMS sort by finsweet. I am sorting by button, as opposed to drop down select.

My problem is, say you tab through to the second page and try to sort the items, nothing happens. It only works on a refreshed / reset page. I want users to sort even no matter the pagination.

On previous projects, when combining filter and sort and using a sort drop down, I have got it to work. Just this time when using sort only, it isn’t. I am also using native pagination, not Finsweet. Incase that might be it?!

Has anyone had this problem or can suggest ideas of solutions? I can’t share due to an NDA.

Thank you!

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Johnson Atelier)
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Since we can’t see the site you’re working on due to the NDA, try using Finsweet’s automated support to help you: Attributes Support

Thanks - I have tried that but not really helping. It works but only for the items specified to show on the first page. So it will only sort the first 5 on the page, when you tab to the other page they aren’t sorted and my UI doesn’t then work.

Hi, I checked and I don’t actually have an NDA. So if you could have a look that would be so so helpful! I am really stuck on getting this to work nicely both in functionality but without losing the animations.

Correct my if i’m wrong, but Finsweet sorting and filtering doesn’t work properly with Webflow pagination. You’re going to have to use Finsweets CMS Load more for example.

Thank you for your response.

Ok, I see. I did try pagination and load more, but it then messed up the animations and stopped them from working. When you clicked to the next page, even with resetIX and unchecking initial states, they didn’t play. Do you have any idea why that might have been with regards to the type of animations within my collection list?