RESOLVED: Section link to external page doesn't scroll to correct spot

I am trying to link to a section on a different page and running into trouble. I have read on other posts that linking to an external link should take you to the right section of that page.

When clicking the link it will take you to the correct page but does not scroll down to the correct section. I’ve been fighting for hours and cannot figure out the issue.

I currently have it linking to my homepage section like this /#section

Here’s my site:

I need some advice on what to fix. I found another webflow site that has it set up exactly the same I do and it works, so that is why I am so confused. Here is the site that has it working:


Here is the published site so you can test it out:

You can see the home page linking works fine but when trying to link back to the home page from a different page it doesn’t work. For example visit the podcasts page and try to visit the about me section. It takes you back to the home page but doesn’t scroll the site down to the correct about me section.

BUMP, Anybody?! Really need some assistance


I found the issue. Capital’s matter! I was linking to #example when the page ID is #Example. I switched my link to include the capital and it works now. For anybody searching, hopefully this helps!