RESOLVED: CMS and Dates / Timezones

Hey guys!

Im compleetly hyped about the CMS and went straight into the designer to test it out.
Found a little weird thing with dates and i think it has something to do with timezones.

Im living in the Netherlands and since the servers of webflow are in the US im getting different dates when pulling the info out of the CMS.

Im using the CMS to add a date to newspost on a website below are 2 images with the results im getting in webflow and on the live website.

Webflow Desiner :

Live website:

Any idea how to fix this or maybe there needs to be a option to select and use a timezone as default.

Ahhh I just found this… I’m having the same issue

I’d like to +1 this. I’m just not sure where to set a timezone…my site is set in US CST, but adding times to CMS puts all the times 6 hours earlier. It could just be a button somewhere I’m missing…?

Can’t you just add a “Date” field and enter the correct date there? This works for me.

We’ll be releasing a fix/feature for timezones very soon! Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

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Hey @kasperkazzual @bivinsbros @johnnymitch & @Joscreative we’ve added Timezone support :slight_smile:

More information about the new feature available here: New feature: Timezones

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