New feature: Timezones

Time for a new feature: Webflow now supports custom time zones for every site!

Working with dates and time zones can get confusing. That’s why Webflow now handles the details for you when you set a time zone in your site settings:

Once you do that, any dates you or your client enter in your Collections (like “published on” dates) will follow the time zone rules for the region you select. (Otherwise, they’ll follow UTC rules). This becomes especially handy when users are in a different region: just set the site’s time zone to their location.

All new sites will automatically set themselves to your device’s time zone, so you won’t have to worry about it. But you can update it anytime. And like other dynamic content you edit, it’ll update across your site.


Neat stuff dudes! :smile:

EDIT: It could use a bit of filtering. Finding a specific timezone for e.g. Europe is quite difficult in that veery long list!


But we can still not choose the correct way to write a date in a cms blogpost? Or am I doing something wrong?
I can still just choose 1/31/2016 … but the rest of the world writes it in a logic way… .31/1/2016

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Yes!! Thanks, all! This is great news.

Hey @krubens you can actually display dates in any format/styling you’d like to but having a different text field for each date field. For example. [date]/[month]/[year]

You would add 5 inline text blocks total. One for each date field, and one for each “/” field. :slight_smile:

See my response below to a similar request where I made a tutorial on how to do this. :slight_smile:

But, having different fields for day, month and year means use 3 dynamic lists instead of one. Not good when there is a limit to max 10 dynamic lists per page.


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