CMS and Dates not converting properly with user's timezone

Hey guys,

So I would like to take advantage of webflow’s automatic timezone detection and conversion. Currently on my site I have it set to GMT 0, I also have some events I created in my CMS collection with the times on those using my previous selection of GMT 0.

However, when I go into my site on the front end from a PST location (GMT -7) I am still seeing the events display their time’s & dates in a GMT 0 format.

I am using webflow’s date & time picker in the cms image

And here you can see on my live site, from GMT -7, I can see the GMT 0 time.

Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance. FYI I am under an NDA for this so can’t share preview links.

Bump, anybody able to help with this please?

Hi @Sneaky_Coyote Bailey,

Can you send a support ticket for this? When it comes in Ill take a look.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

@QA_Brandon Thanks, just submitted a support ticket!