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Ability to select from different CMS date and time formats

I see a lot of “date” options but not the right option for europe:
02-06-1995 (is there)
06-02-1995 (is here most used in The Netherlands…

So please ADD this date!


Maybe it would be a good idea to split date format into multiple options:

  1. order of elements (e.g. MDY, DMY, YMD)
  2. element format (9, 09, SEP, September)
  3. divider (. , - –)

This would give full flexibility while acting much less chaotic than an endless list of everything people would possibly like to see.

(if you ask me i’d vote for one global date and time format but hey we still have imperial measures, right? :slight_smile: )

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Do you have any suggestions to make translation friendly date formats? Where those English day and month values are getting called is there any way of editing them?


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I’m agree, we need a date format in the date-picker format dropdown
that we can use for websites in Brasil and Europe, like DD/MM/YY or DD/MM/YYYY ?
For now the CMS offer only american format (MM/DD/YY) in all options.
For my clients in Brazil and Europe that’s useless. For now I have to use a text field in order
do get the right format, that’s a pity, also because you made such a nice picker in the UI.
Looking forward for the update.

Hey @discovoador, @Koen @helmi @erbils you can display dates in any way you’d like using the CMS & setting each field how you’d like it to display.
Here’s an example of different date formats, but simply pulling in date, month, year separately from each other, and putting dashes and slashed between them as you’d like.

Here’s a link to view it in Webflow:

By pulling just the data field you want, then you can format it however you’d like to. :smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


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Guys, at Webflow. You all doing a great job! But this option is so and so importent!! I can’t sent a zapier confirmation mail, because of the us data. Please give us a global date option day, month, year!


I would like to be able to choose whether to use AM/PM format or 24 hr format. For us in Europe we mostly use 24 hr. In my current project I need the client to pick a date and time in the CMS for a post, and then in the template show the time in the 24 hr format.

Thank you very much!

I think the best solution is to allow us to specify the date format. That way…everyone is happy

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Can we get a Month and Date (March 31)? I see lots of combinations but didn’t see that one.

Choosing between 24h / 12h time formats would be very nice for non-english sites!

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Me too!!

I want the format of date and time to be internationalized.

For example, in Japan it is common to use kanji to describe as follows.
“yyyy年m月d日 H時M分”
Japan does not use Jan to Dec to write month. Japan uses 1 to 12.
AM / PM is described as 午前 / 午後. Also write this before the time.

For example, Current time of JST print about “2016年11月16日 午後0時53分”

I would like to be able to define custom formats.

24h Format would be nice to have for the rest of the world