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[ RESOLVED ] Amazon Outage Impacting Webflow

Suddenly experiencing major hosting issues with Webflow. Getting “unable to publish” from time to time and when it finally publishes, the live site is all broken (no css templates and so on).

Also, exporting the site code takes ages.

Lastly, when I logged in today no images were showing in the editor. After logging out and in several times they slowly, one by one, started to reappear.

CDN issue? Amazon issue?

UPDATE: This is indeed a Amazon issue, and you can follow their work to fix the issue here (look for service named “Amazon Simple Storage Service (US Standard)”:

Same here :frowning: ever since this morning for about 3 hours now


i have the same problem. No or very slow publish function. since 10 minutes

Same here. Really (like really) long loading time, and images won’t show at all.

Seems like it is a global issue. I’ve tried multiple other sites created and published by other users, and they show similar problems.

Any official word from Webflow staff?

And again, there really should be a “Webflow Hosting Status” page.

yes. it seems so. i just want to export my code, nothing. i think a server problem, backup etc.

Amazon Cloudfront is not available.

Hi guys, I am sorry for the trouble, this has not gone unnoticed. I am investigating. As soon as I have an update, I will post back. Cheers, Dave


Thank you Dave – waiting patiently for a fix.

Hi @SiavashVJ and all, thanks for your patience. I can also confirm an outage in Amazon side, which is the root cause:

The Webflow support team is monitoring the outage, ready to do anything we can to help. At the moment this one needs to be fixed at Amazon side, and I expect the resolution to come soon.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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Thanks Dave! Good to know, and it seems they already manages to fix the issue (my sites are working again).

when will it be fixed? i can’t export the .zip for now, and It causes me huge problem.

It’s really quite a huge problem, currently none of the sites work anymore! Everything is 100% down now over here.

Well at least we know the problem… a day off for me i think!

Strike that. All broken again.

Well how should people at Webflow know, when Amazon will fix their server issues? :smile:

Only solution is to go over to Amazon AWS Status an see if the status of the issue will change.


I know this is Amazon’s issue, but there is something called “deadline”. :disappointed:

I may not use webflow or any online design tool for my work after this, still unreliable.


is it’s clever to work anything in webflow? If i work will be the data saved or not?


Yes same here. Causing me major problems

Every image is downloaded, but it just can’t export the .zip.