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Amazon S3 troubles: unable to upload site assets, publishing and site duplication

Getting the below error when trying to upload images:



Same issue here! Can’t upload anything :expressionless:

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Hi @matthewosullivan and @Yoerdan, thanks for your post about the trouble uploading images in the designer or editor, I am here to help.

Our team is investigating the issue, it seems to be a network connection issue in Amazon but we do not have full data yet to say 100% for sure.

The issue seems to be only affecting certain users in geographic areas in Europe, but we would like to know where you are located so that we can help check further.

Could you please let me know what region of the world you are located?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @cyberdave,

Currently located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Been working fine for me. I’m in The Netherlands as well.

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Hello @cyberdave same issue here! I’m from Hungary, living in Budapest.

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Hi @Gabriel_Hajdok, @DharmaNode, @Yoerdan and @matthewosullivan.

It looks like regional issue with Amazon Web Services that was having trouble which is slowly coming back up.

The root issue should be resolved but it might take a couple of hours until all affected amazon servers are back online.

Let me know if any questions.


I have the same problem. Also working in the Netherlands.

Sorry only replying now, I am in Dublin, Ireland.

Problems in Georgia as well. Someone at AWS EU is having a sweaty day

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Hi @cyberdave,

I am also having the same problem in Seattle, WA, USA.

any update on this? AWS status page for EU says no recent issues :thinking:

Hi @matthewosullivan, we have already started to receive reports from individuals who were affected that the uploads are starting to work again, but this is not happening at the same time as everyone.

We also noticed that the issue did not make it to the AWS status page, this seems to have been an unreported incident on AWS side.

I would give it some additional time, our understanding is that this could take some hours before the full changes are applied throughout the network.

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Cool. Thanks for the update.

Hi there,

Having the same trouble in Seattle US.

Same problem in Berlin, Germany.

Same in Cologne Germany! Argh.

Same in Seattle! Noooooo!

Same. I am in New York City.

same problems in the UK, cms is pretty unusable, cannot create new image items or upload video content.