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Replace all image assets in the library


I have a site build with 90+ images in the asset library. Unfortunately, I set the compression really high on the exports. I’d like to replace them all with a better optimised batch but retain all the alt-tag data and names.

Is this possible? Without having to find and replace each one individually?



I’m in the same situation.

Thanks !

Webflow does not support overwriting an existing asset so you can only upload new assets and manually apply attributes as needed then delete the old. Oh joy what fun.

I did exactly that. Set up a new folder within the assets library and painstakingly replaced every image, one by one. Adding the alt-text as I plodded along.

It took a day.

I can recommend using tinyjpg to optimise your images First. Although a developer friend suggested WebP as the best way forward.

Maybe that’ll come to Webflow?

Anyway. It was entirely dull and annoying.