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Asset Update Issue

Hi, I’m new to Webflow so I don’t know if this is standard behavior with assets.

If I upload an image and use it on numerous pages… how do I update it in Webflow if I make a change to it on my local machine? I tried updating an image and when I upload it with the same file dimensions and name it just creates a new asset. I didn’t see anywhere where I could update an asset so my only option was to delete the old image and then manually relink everything.

Please tell me this isn’t how it’s supposed to work. Thanks!!!

Your option is to replace the asset (uploading it) and update all references to the newly uploaded asset manually. That is all that is currently facilitated.

Alternately you could use custom code to display an asset that you can revise / replace, hosted on a resource you control.

Thanks!!! Just to confirm, if I update an asset that’s on 10 pages I have to delete the old asset and manually relink the new asset on every page. So there really isn’t a “update” function that replaces everything for you.

Does that break anything regarding CSS?

Each asset uploaded is renamed with a GUID string prepended to the asset name you uploaded. Therefore it is unique. So anywhere you care to use the new asset, it must be referenced. Direct image links need to be changed and CSS class referenced as well.

It is unfortunate that we don’t have a better asset manager.
I personally choose to use my own CDN resources for resources that change, since I can just update the resource programmatically when using services like Cloudinary, Imgix, or my own servers.

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Yeah… I was ready to migrate everything over to Webflow and I can’t believe this basic function is missing. I mean I couldn’t find anything even in the forums that talked about it. Just seems weird to me that such a polished app is missing this. Ugh… makes me question what other critical features are missing.

Thanks for sharing your CDN idea… do you have any you recommend? What would be nice is a desktop app that continuously synced with the CDN like Dropbox or GDrive.

I would prefer if Webflow had that functionality but like every other solution out there I guess I have to hack things together.

I like the two I referenced plus roll your own with thumbor. With these services you can set them up to pull from other cloud services via mapping.

The drawback is an extra expense and you have to use custom code embeds. Now at least you can do this inside rich text fields. Responsive needs to be manually handled or use available JavaScript libraries from each respective service.

Here is a link to cloudinary where I get some extra credits if you use it.

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