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Is there a way to replace an asset image

One huge pain for me is changing an image, upload to webflow assets and then going round the webpages pointing to the new image uploaded.
I would prefer replacing a current image in the assets panel.

Am I being stupid all this time and there is a way and if not how do others get round this issue, especially with lots of pages?


I notice sometimes that if I change an image on my pc that was used for uploaded the Webflow asset icon shows a cant find thumb icon.

It is technically impossible. Each image have generated hash that is probably based on file name and time of upload to be unique but I do not know this as I didn’t wrote API for WF but is is how it is mostly done.
It can be more complex as using blobs to refer this image in db but I really don’t know how WF backend works.

So you can’t replace image even it will have identical name as time will be different.

One thing I can think right now about are icons. In this case you can create small component with Icon and when you change icon in this component this change will be applied to all linked components.

Hope that make sense

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Didn’t think so.
It would be much better if WF used an object identifier so you can do this.
Another helpful idea would be if you could identify which pages images are used on so you could go and replace them. Like the style manager feature.

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